Black and White?

A few days ago, I found out something on the website Serebii.Net. It was Pokemon. Black and White. They are going with a ying yang theme with the Reshiram the (white one) on Pokemon Black and Zekrom (the black one) on Pokemon White. This is what they look like. And yes, this is real.

and also Zekrom:

They also have what looks like a drill on their backsides, wings and long hair.

The game is also built more for the new 3DS, but should be compatioble with other versions of DS. Note that the top screen is bigger than the bottom. There is more buttons, a “Slide Pad” which increases the intensity of the 3D effect and what looks like a “Home” button

Oh… And I also think that they will make a Pokemon Grey to combine Black and White.


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