Mortal..Coil… AUGUST?

My sister always gets new books. Today she got Mockingjay of the Hunger Games series

And then she got another one. Skulduggery Pleasant, Mortal Coil. Wasn’t that meant to be released in September? Anyway, there is no chance I will get to read it, because when I was little, I got caught reading a few Roald Dahl books. Then, when I was a bit older, I read the Harry Potter series and turned the white(ish) pages to yellow, due to the sweat on my hands. So I get all the books from the library.

Speaking about new books, THE NEXT ARTEMIS FOWL IS OUT! This is what it says on the website:


Criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl has summoned an elite group of fairies to Iceland. But when he presents his invention to save the world from global warming, he seems different. Something terrible has happened to him.

Artemis Fowl has become nice.

The fairies diagnose Atlantis Complex – that’s multiple-personality disorder to you and me – dabbling in magic has damaged his mind. And now the subterranean city of Atlantis is under attack from vicious robots and niceArtemis cannot fight them.

Can fairy ally Captain Holly Short get the real Artemis back before the mysterious robots destroy the city and every fairy in it?

This is the cover.

Soon, I will return with the final Inheritance Cycle book, ???????! I have got all the books in the series, and my sister doesn’t!


Of course, this isn’t the cover of the last Inheritance Cycle. This is a green clipart book.


Alvin’s and Vista’s Inspirat II

Recently, my friend Long Legs created a blog. The link is: I don’t know why Long Legs named it Alvintheawesome.

Now we’ve got the Alvin part of the title, it’s time for Vista. Who IS vista? Well, I’ts full name is Vista inspirat 2. It makes you’re  boring XP into a dashing Vista theme, complete with icon changes.

So, I tried it out.

Voldemort, voldemort, ooh voldy voldemort (tap tap) Dah dum dum dum dumm.. is the link. It shouldn’t have any viruses.

The Principal of petrification

Petrification. What is it? How does it work? Can you petrify your friends and family and play their DS consoles? Well, I can answer that question for you today, because I have found petrification on a first- hand experience. I’ts a bit like Harry Potter and the Basilisk, but replace the Basilisk with the school Principal and replace Moaning Myrtle with ME. I was playing imaginary piano (see the picture below)

Notice my drawing style has no arms.

And these are the effects of it.

My arm is frozen as well. You can't see that because I don't draw arms or knees.

Thank god she didn’t talk or I would be too petrified to speak…

Deal of the DS lite

I now have a shiny black DS lite to borrow, FROM MY PIANO TEACHER. I did sixteen perfect scales, and ta- da! I have now got a black DS lite for one month and a week. Unfortunately,  she has rather.. boring games. The decent ones are: Mario kart, Theme park and Yoshi’s island. The rest are: My Chinese coach, Sight training and Brain training. I can’t believe she doesn’t have Pokemon. And, as one famous person (Justin ???? of WordPress .Com) said,

See? Times new roman and a marble speech bubble means, THIS IS A QUOTE.

This is what it looks like. This is not mine, I got this picture off the internet. My teachers’ one is (slightly) less glossy.


Can you cook better?

There is a new TV show:

The kids are so good at cooking. I mean, I’m 11 right now and I can only use the microwave. For proof, go to

Listen to it!

KID: Macadamia  blah blah burrimundi Blah blah


My favorite quote..

I can’t wait till this comes out, Masterchef is one of the shows I want to watch like Merlin and How I met your mother.

I wanted to watch Talkin’ bout’ your Generation, But I am watching that. If anyone goes to Australia, ever, watch TAYG. It’s really really funny. And “educational”.

Assyrians are awesome. There is no doubt about it.

When I was skirmishing with my Praetorians game, I had the best war game ever. I spammed Assyrians and Expert Archers. Oh, by the way, the reason I have Assyrians and Expert Archers is because I have the  unofficial “Mod Imperial” extension. I killed all of them.

The story of the PWNING ASSYRIANS!

First, I collected ladders.


Then I spammed my lovely Assyrians.

That's more like it.

I burned the boats for fun.

Can you burn boats better than me?

My beautiful Assyrians charged.

How.. neat.

Guess What? I won.

Twenty-one against three is not fair. I don't care.


By the way, I always burn the village to tie up any loose ends.

That is the end of the Pwning Assyrians. I will never post about Praetorians ever again. Or maybe I will…

The Three Justins

WARNING: This post contains my real first name and my nationality. Back off, racists and stalkers!

Ok, I go to a CHINESE SCHOOL because I’m Chinese,  but suck at the language. I come from Australia. That’s why I go to a Chinese school and not an English one. Anyway, In My school, there are three Justin’s If you hadn’t read the last post, you’ll find out my name is


Never would have guessed, huh? So, since it gets awfully annoying to call ourselves Justin, Justin and Justin, we call ourselves Justin #2 and Justin #3. (I’m the first one because I’m the oldest. ) However, I am not called Justin#1. I’m called “Bobby Chen” because that is what this guy called Raymond called me.

The Story of Raymond.

RAYMOND: Hi, Justin!

ME: Hi, Matthias!

RAYMOND: Matthias?

ME: Yeah, That’s your name, isn’t it?


ME: What is it then?

RAYMOND: Raymond.

ME: Okay then.


ME: Hi Matthias!



ME: Hi Matthias!



ME: Hi Matthias!


Me: Oh yeah!

(Raymond starts getting mad after a few Saturdays.  Soon,)

RAYMOND: Hi, Bobby Chen!

ME: !?!?!?


ME: (starts fuming:) Hi Matthias!

This is 100 % true.