Who am I?

I have realized something. My name is EvilNitsuj but I have come to think that, IM NOT POSTING ANYTHING EVIL ON THIS BLOG! So, I am changing my name!

Berserker. Because I get berserk quite often. and I laugh every time I fall over.


Praetorian (This one is made of Lego, but I’ll probably get a better picture. )


EvilNitsuj (The EvilNitsuj is my current name.

What to do, what to do. And do you know what my real name is?

Never would have guessed, huh?

I am NOT A HIPPIE. OK? If a hippie is reading this, no offence intended.


2 Comments on “Who am I?”

  1. Long Legs says:


    Justin: One strike down, Thomas. One more and you’re comment will be deleted. I’m serious this time. )=(

  2. Long Legs says:

    Stop using real names and for your blog name how about…
    Nitsuj The Beserk And Plastic (lego)

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