Assyrians are awesome. There is no doubt about it.

When I was skirmishing with my Praetorians game, I had the best war game ever. I spammed Assyrians and Expert Archers. Oh, by the way, the reason I have Assyrians and Expert Archers is because I have the  unofficial “Mod Imperial” extension. I killed all of them.

The story of the PWNING ASSYRIANS!

First, I collected ladders.


Then I spammed my lovely Assyrians.

That's more like it.

I burned the boats for fun.

Can you burn boats better than me?

My beautiful Assyrians charged.

How.. neat.

Guess What? I won.

Twenty-one against three is not fair. I don't care.


By the way, I always burn the village to tie up any loose ends.

That is the end of the Pwning Assyrians. I will never post about Praetorians ever again. Or maybe I will…


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