Deal of the DS lite

I now have a shiny black DS lite to borrow, FROM MY PIANO TEACHER. I did sixteen perfect scales, and ta- da! I have now got a black DS lite for one month and a week. Unfortunately,  she has rather.. boring games. The decent ones are: Mario kart, Theme park and Yoshi’s island. The rest are: My Chinese coach, Sight training and Brain training. I can’t believe she doesn’t have Pokemon. And, as one famous person (Justin ???? of WordPress .Com) said,

See? Times new roman and a marble speech bubble means, THIS IS A QUOTE.

This is what it looks like. This is not mine, I got this picture off the internet. My teachers’ one is (slightly) less glossy.



2 Comments on “Deal of the DS lite”

  1. geffery says:

    hi justin, nice blog

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