Who’s Logan Lerman?

Today, I watched the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, to see if was a decent movie. Sure enough, it WASN’T. It was so bad, that I was going to give it a rating of 0.001. They had random actors that I had never heard of, and the only one I saw was James Bond. I mean Pierce Brosnan.

Oh.. you mean... THIS GUY?



The unnameable, forbidden website.

My sister Sonia now has a deadly Trojan on her computer. For further information, see this picture below.

Douche= Doo. Shay.

I know this is my sister because she confirmed it, and also had the correct e-mail.

The Trojan:

This trojan pops up a rude adult website, which I have contained in this post, but with lots and lots of mosaics.

There hasn't been this much mosaic since my brother hurled, if you know what I mean.

And, my “one header a month” deal has not been done since I first started it. However, I will change my header from time to time. Also, the caption in the Sonia comment picture is not true, as I do know how to pronounce douche. (doo.sh)

Brightly coloured pills do NOT cure all your ills.

A few days ago, Long Legs began singing a song from Youtube.

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I like the part when he diagnoses Bowser with HPV.

Bloons! 2!

I’m a bit late posting this, but last month, I went on NinjaKiwi, on their blog, trying to find the release date of Bloons Tower Defense 5. It turns out that BTD5 is coming out in December, and on the 24th THIS MONTH, we will see a new Bloons.

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Pros: The monkeys are cute

They have aeroplanes.

They have a super monkey.

They have bees.

They have homing darts.

They have multiplying Bloons.

They have invisible Bloons.


All the monkey related pros means that the game will be easy to finish.

All the Bloon related pros means that the game will not be as easy to finish as the first con, but it will be hardish. OK?  UNDERSTAND?

If you do, do not read the next part. I normally reserve this for absent minded simpletons.

Easy game.

Hard game.

More easy than hard.


I am the boss!

Today, I went to Steamworks island, and got up to the last boss.

Step 1: Kill this pesky plant with the big mouth.

Step 2: make a witty remark, like James Bond always does.

Step 3: Proceed to fight the plant boss and do NOT call him fatso.

I can’t finish the final fatso plant boss.

Steamy Pumpkins?

Steamworks Island is getting released soon, and I’m going to change my header for that. Unfortunatly, the day it comes out is when I have to do my Chinese homework. BUT, every Saturday morning, instead of watching my Saturday TV (Chinese school is on then, so I can’t watch.) And, there is a new thing in Poptropica. A new island, shown in the new map format.

Is that Snoopy?

Is that Snoopy and a “Great Pumpkin” island? I don’t know what the creators are thinking this time…



And, it is ranked Easy. EASY!!