The unnameable, forbidden website.

My sister Sonia now has a deadly Trojan on her computer. For further information, see this picture below.

Douche= Doo. Shay.

I know this is my sister because she confirmed it, and also had the correct e-mail.

The Trojan:

This trojan pops up a rude adult website, which I have contained in this post, but with lots and lots of mosaics.

There hasn't been this much mosaic since my brother hurled, if you know what I mean.

And, my “one header a month” deal has not been done since I first started it. However, I will change my header from time to time. Also, the caption in the Sonia comment picture is not true, as I do know how to pronounce douche. (


One Comment on “The unnameable, forbidden website.”

  1. weight says:

    i see what you did there

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