The Great Pumpkin is lagging!

Today I played the Napoleon total war… DEMO.

It turned out that I didn’t have a good enough graphics card (I had a 1 gig card)




So, I cannot do anything except moving around. If I were the computer I would do this:

See? The games AI is absolootly stoopid.

Note: I can spell Absolutely Stupid.

Great pumpkin island image courtesy to Poptropicasecrets:

The worst island in Poptropica has arrived: Great Pumpkin.

Arrival in Great Pumpkin Island

Arriving: no problem. Or so it seems...

Poptropica Woodstock Follower

You have been mutated... BY STAYING OUTSIDE TOO LONG!

Poor Linus in Great Pumpkin Island

See? This horrible island leads to sadness and misfortune!


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