A potential World War Three, I think.

I was just watching the news, and it turns out that America might go to war against North Korea.   North Korea has replied to this potential war saying something like a “brutal military blow” if they go to war. I think this means there will be nuclear warfare, which is basically Hiroshima and Nagasaki all over again, except much much bigger.

This happened because a week ago, North Korea dropped shells on South Korea, killing several people. A general said that since his two of his marines died, this general vowed that there would be a “thousand-fold” retaliation.

I really don’t want a war, because in the last Korean war, Australia allied itself with South Korea and it’s allies, and China allied itself with North Korea. I am a Chinese boy, living in Australia, and I can’t just ignore the face that Taiwan is near China, and it might get bombed. I also can’t ignore that most of my grandparents and relatives are in China and Taiwan, and they might get bombed, or even killed. This is why if I was old enough, I would go and protest against war. Like, if there is nuclear warfare, the whole world will be destroyed, and the two Korean territories will probably be turned into a desert.

This is what some people said about a World War 3.

Lord Louis Mountbatten: “If the Third World War is fought with nuclear weapons, the fourth will be fought with bows and arrows.”

Einstein:” I do not know how the Third world war will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the fourth rocks!”

This is about the idea that if we have nuclear warfare, then we will be reduced to cavemen (or something similar)

This is a picture of what the world might look like after a WW3.


The second thing: Smiley Face Co.

In the really old days, when I was 8, I had a brainwave.

erm…. okay.This brainwave turned into a very bad organisation Smiley Face Co.


This eventually evolved into something we called Psy Kwon Do, like Tae Kwon Do, but with epic kung fu movie style fighting, like watermelon punches from Tai Chi, meditation, and the most powerful move, “Psycho Attack.”

But that’s for tomorrow. 😉

The First thing: Asian Agents

In my drama, the very first idea was the “Asian agents” We used this because all of us were Asian. But our drama teacher said we should change it from  “Asian Agents” to “Asian Agents- the taste of Asia is coming to Australia!

This eventually evolved into a voice over, by a “Kung Fu Mashta” (me, who didnt do any kung fu in the actual ad) or a Sensei. I had to wear Mum’s lovely brown bathrobe and had to put chalk in my hair. Then, I had to sit barefoot on a brick footpath, surrounded by a jungle. It was an ad for the popular brand 5gum, but we only advertised Zing.

In the ad, I start off with a voice over- “For thousands of years…….zing…..mankind……evil spirit….’

Then, it cuts to a scene of an explorer who is hacking through the jungle, and then she finds a “treasure chest” (a chinese teabox) and my friend Jarod jumps in front of the explorer, and has a really fake fight scene with the explorer. Then, she “kills” the evil spirit and finds ZING!

Piss off, Blurgh!

I have canceled the Blurgh trilogy,because I had another bout of writers block and, soon, I will release something called:

The font is "Barlow by Thunpanda" Eric Wirjanata, which can be downloaded at http://www.dafont.com/barlow-by-thunderpanda.font

There is a secret code, showing what is the next one.

Ten points for Gryffindor!

Watch out, here comes the NINJABURGER!

We had an English test at North Shore, and this is what one of the subjects were about.

We wish all the time to be able to provide you hot fresh delivery and to propose to you a joy of eating burger life. Let’s enjoy the burger with a smooth fries of our ancestors. You will be sure you will be satisfied.

Ninja Burger bring happy life, healthy life. Guaranteed, or we commit seppuku.

As masters of the ancient art of Fast Food Delivery, we guarantee that all our customers are happy. In fact, there is no such thing as an unhappy customer. We mean that. If you are unhappy, we will be happy to send a ninja deliveryperson to speak with you about what is making you unhappy. And then you will be happy. Or else you will not be. Alive, that is.

This turned out to be a parody website. Speaking of parodies, my friend Jarod has recently been obsessed with “Weird Al” Yankovic songs. The song, eBay, is based on the Backstreet Boys song, I want it that way. It is so popular, that nine people began to sing it when the bell was about to ring. I like the song “Virus alert.”
This is the link. Embing was disabled in this video, and it keeps stuffing up in my computer.
This is my favorite part:
If you can’t see it, it asks: Does he work here?

The Blurgh Trilogy


This post will be split into two parts. Blurgh, and the other one I will release tomorrow to increase suspense. The first “episode”of   Blurgh will be about Poketo Monshitua. Pokemon. The English names for Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru are:


What kind of name is Oshawott? Tepid is actually TEPIG. Sorry, typo.



Tepig: Tepid+Pig


I think these names are stupid. If I get Black and White, I would change the Oshawott’s name to Mijumaru. I would probably change Snivy and Tepig’s name to Tsutaja and Pokabu respectively. The only thing they got right was the logo.

Now, for your entertainment, I shall show you Pokemon Black and White’s trailer!


And next time, on EvilNitsuj’s Blog, I will post about…..


Ten points for whoever can guess what these are.


Bloggers block and Christmas presents!

I have now got something that I call Bloggers block. I can’t think of anything to write. I even searched up “top 100 blogging topics, but it’s like I have a bunch of ideas, and then all I can think of is….

But now, I have something to post about. THIS. (and also this)

Christmas Presents

Do YOU think you can give good Christmas presents? WELL, you’re not as good as me.


Give them… The adventures of Ook and Gluk, kung fu cavemen from the future, Dav Pilkey. However, I opened this book, and the first thing I saw was “Gaylord”

For a young boy that DOESN’T like reading.


Everything else is pretty easy to guess, but the PARENTS are a big problem. I used to give them random things made of junk, like Corkman and Styrofoam man. I gave them survival guides, complete with a lifesaving ball of yard, connected to a rather dangerous looking bolt. I also gave them glow stick decorations and a necklace that was too small, and had shells attached to yarn with sticky tape. Do NOT do any of these things. Give them something like….. MONEY! If you refuse to give them your stash of cash, (hey! That rhymes!) ask them a subtle”what stuff do you want for christmas?” But, always spoil the cash present. Over five years, I have gotten a bit over $200 Australian Dollars, and I am giving them $100. Last year I gave them $114(random number, huh?) because I thought 70+70 was 114. I’m not that stupid now. However, now I am in a financial crisis. I do not have enough money for next year.