What’s COD?

I would NOT like posting about FPS games, but it’s a really popular subject in my class (Do you want COD 1?) and I am really desperate for views today, so this is why I am posting about Cod and Halo.


Q: Is COD a fish?


A:Cod is Call of duty, and a new Call of duty is coming out: Black Ops. And yes, a there is a codfish.

CoD Black Ops cover.png

Also, there is a new Halo: Halo Reach. I first thought it was called Halo REICH, but Reach is like, a planet or something.

Halo- Reach box art.png

However, I don’t fancy this First Person Shooter (FPS) genre. If I liked Halo, it would be

Three armor-clad soldiers carrying weapons march towards the foreground. Their faces are obscured by helmets with reflective orange visors. Behind the trio are more soldiers; overhead, curved aircraft fly through the sky. The decorative text "Halo Wars" floats above the scene.

But NO. Apparently, this is a crap game.


One Comment on “What’s COD?”

  1. alex says:

    Dont by halo wars trust me …….. it is really crap

    Speaking of crap see what i did on face book….
    its about you……..
    speaking of you they dont talk about COD1 they talk about
    Black opps or mine craft…………
    speaking of mining i have ‘mined out your GF!!!!!!

    Justin: LANGUAGE!

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