Layton, Professor Layton.

Recently, in Australia, the third Professor Layton has been released.

I really thought that this was the last one, but NO. In America, they have TWO MORE, and there is another one, but this is really interesting. I am a fan of the Phoenix Wright series, and they have made:

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright.png

Layton-kyōju VS Gyakuten Saiban. This means Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. I'm voting for phoenix, because he looks more macho.

This one is about WITCHES!

But the other two.

Oh. The trailer is in Japanese. Why are the Japanese trailers scarier than the English ones?

Layton-kyōju to Majin no Fue Cover.jpg

This is the second one,

Professor Layton and The Mask of Miracle.png



One Comment on “Layton, Professor Layton.”

  1. Hay, Trying to view this article on an EVO 4G and am having hassles. I can’t get the images to load right. Just wanted you to know, Cheers!

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