The Ugly Truth is OUT!

A few MONTHS ago, I posted something called “The Ugly Truth.

This was about Poptropica having the cover for the Ugly truth. The creator, Jeff Kinney, is also a creator of Poptropica, which is a branch of Funbrain. This is where the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid came out, before it was published. Well, I am pleased to inform you that the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Ugly truth, is out! (this post was published in AUGUST.) It features Greg going through puberty. I only have one question: What’s Puberty?

Time to call on my friend, WIKIPEDIA!

This is censored because this blog is directed at people that DO NOT know this words yet. If you wanted to search up something uncensored, google EvilNitsuj's Blog WordPress. No regrets.

…. I’m sorry I asked.


2 Comments on “The Ugly Truth is OUT!”

  1. cupid says:

    Hey you cheapo ,nub did you do this because alex is going through it Or Are you just jealous that everyone else is going through it and your not

    Justin: Actually, only Alex is going through it, so there’s nothing to be jealous of. SO, this comment was NOT NICE. By the way, are you Josh?? He’s the only person who calls me Nub, because he “cant be bothered to call me noob, i’m not worth it.” And, I will send you a warning. If you comment this type of cyber bullying, I will not tolerate it on a public blog. Also, I will send you an email regarding this matter if it comes up again. Since it is unlikely that you will ever see this comment again, I will post about this, sooner or later.

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