A note to James. YOU MUST READ THIS.


Today, the person gave themselves in. However, they will remain anonymous and, as it was meant to be a friendly joke that backfired on me, if they send another comment like this, I will be forced to delete their comments.


This is a rather mean comment I got today.

cupid Hey you cheapo ,nub did you do this because alex is going through it Or Are you just jealous that everyone else is going through it and your notJustin: Actually, only Alex is going through it, so there’s nothing to be jealous of. A few other boys are in the really early stages.  SO, this comment was NOT NICE. By the way, are you J***He’s the only person who calls me Nub, because he “cant be bothered to call me noob, i’m not worth it.” And, I will send you a warning. If you comment this type of cyber bullying, I will not tolerate it on a public blog. Also, I will send you an email regarding this matter if it comes up again. Since it is unlikely that you will ever see this comment again, I will post about this, sooner or later.

So, Mr. James posts something up again, I will delete his/her comments no matter whether they are. If this bully is brave enough to admit that they have posted in this horrible manner, I will NOT hold them responsible.  I just need to know why they did this, and if they come from my school, they would know my email. I will also send an email regarding this matter to Alex. This comment, by the same person, has done another form of this atrocious manner.

“Cupid”s first comment

I dont want to be rude to the anzacs but If you think they were brave they were charging at godd ddamm mmmmaaaaachine guns………………………..speaking of guns see what i did on facebook about guns ……on you!

The last part. I do NOT have an account on facebook, and this person has probably made a facebook group called “Kill Justin ????.” Or something similar.


Just another note to James: I HAVE SUSPECTS. ONE OF THEM IS PROBABLY YOU. I believe this person is impersonating Alex, because “Cupid” was an old nickname for his avatar. Remember, if this person does not give themselves up, I will send them an email. I KNOW THEIR EMAIL. Please, give yourself up, before this matter becomes something VERY serious.


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