Bloggers block and Christmas presents!

I have now got something that I call Bloggers block. I can’t think of anything to write. I even searched up “top 100 blogging topics, but it’s like I have a bunch of ideas, and then all I can think of is….

But now, I have something to post about. THIS. (and also this)

Christmas Presents

Do YOU think you can give good Christmas presents? WELL, you’re not as good as me.


Give them… The adventures of Ook and Gluk, kung fu cavemen from the future, Dav Pilkey. However, I opened this book, and the first thing I saw was “Gaylord”

For a young boy that DOESN’T like reading.


Everything else is pretty easy to guess, but the PARENTS are a big problem. I used to give them random things made of junk, like Corkman and Styrofoam man. I gave them survival guides, complete with a lifesaving ball of yard, connected to a rather dangerous looking bolt. I also gave them glow stick decorations and a necklace that was too small, and had shells attached to yarn with sticky tape. Do NOT do any of these things. Give them something like….. MONEY! If you refuse to give them your stash of cash, (hey! That rhymes!) ask them a subtle”what stuff do you want for christmas?” But, always spoil the cash present. Over five years, I have gotten a bit over $200 Australian Dollars, and I am giving them $100. Last year I gave them $114(random number, huh?) because I thought 70+70 was 114. I’m not that stupid now. However, now I am in a financial crisis. I do not have enough money for next year.


2 Comments on “Bloggers block and Christmas presents!”

  1. koji says:

    “Gaylord” is an English surname of Old French origin. What is wrong with this name?? Has our society become so ignorant and “sensitive” that we fail to realize that it is just a name? What about the name Dick?

    Justin: I am sorry, I thought that Gaylord was a funny name.

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