The Blurgh Trilogy


This post will be split into two parts. Blurgh, and the other one I will release tomorrow to increase suspense. The first “episode”of   Blurgh will be about Poketo Monshitua. Pokemon. The English names for Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru are:


What kind of name is Oshawott? Tepid is actually TEPIG. Sorry, typo.



Tepig: Tepid+Pig


I think these names are stupid. If I get Black and White, I would change the Oshawott’s name to Mijumaru. I would probably change Snivy and Tepig’s name to Tsutaja and Pokabu respectively. The only thing they got right was the logo.

Now, for your entertainment, I shall show you Pokemon Black and White’s trailer!

And next time, on EvilNitsuj’s Blog, I will post about…..


Ten points for whoever can guess what these are.



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