The First thing: Asian Agents

In my drama, the very first idea was the “Asian agents” We used this because all of us were Asian. But our drama teacher said we should change it from  “Asian Agents” to “Asian Agents- the taste of Asia is coming to Australia!

This eventually evolved into a voice over, by a “Kung Fu Mashta” (me, who didnt do any kung fu in the actual ad) or a Sensei. I had to wear Mum’s lovely brown bathrobe and had to put chalk in my hair. Then, I had to sit barefoot on a brick footpath, surrounded by a jungle. It was an ad for the popular brand 5gum, but we only advertised Zing.

In the ad, I start off with a voice over- “For thousands of years…….zing…..mankind……evil spirit….’

Then, it cuts to a scene of an explorer who is hacking through the jungle, and then she finds a “treasure chest” (a chinese teabox) and my friend Jarod jumps in front of the explorer, and has a really fake fight scene with the explorer. Then, she “kills” the evil spirit and finds ZING!


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