The Third Thing: Psy Kwon Do

NOTE: Sorry for the delay, I was meant to make a comic, but it was too hard.

In the old days, the trio of little boys met each other, and began to “bond.”

Friend #1: David. Me and David met each other in grade 2, and we had an “awesome” co-incidents. David’s initials and mine matched up together, like this:

this is an example only.

Russell Kapowski

Kris McChicken



See? R.K also goes with the K. of Kris.

Friend # 2 Alex. Me and Alex met in kindy, and his greeting was a bit like, PISS OFF. Then, another one of my friends, Nila, offered to play (cardboard) dolls with her friend. Then, Alex’s friend, Alexander (Russian, not Chinese) came and pulled me away from them. It turns out that Alex (not Alexander) ‘s dad knew my dad. This is a diagram to help you.

The mustached Alex impression is from Guess Who. Alex. X X X= mustache and sweaty man.

Alexander was my favorite after that.

Anyway, on with the play!


David: I’m bored.

Alex: I want to do something, like Tae Kwon D0.

Justin: or….. PSY KWON DO?

Alex: Like Psychic type in Pokemon!

David: And you fight like … THIS!

(David punches, hard, in Justin’s face. Justin’s nose begins to bleed, and he starts to cry. He takes it, like a man that is TEN TIMES older than him. He acts calm and collected, and forgives David silently, because that’s just the cool kid he is.)

Well, this evolved into another branch of Smiley Face Co, and became the “great separation of Grade 4.”

NOTE: not to be confused with the great BATTLE of grade four, which was a “war” between the two ancient scrolls that have influenced the Boy sides of Psy Kwon Do, and the Girl sides of ?????. This ended in a truce.


Psycho attack: Punch, kick and headbutt your way to glory.

Spinner attack: Spin with your arms out, until you get really dizzy.

Cartwheel: a failing cartwheel, which you then fall down in the middle of it.

We used to hog the cricket pitch, spin around and try to hit people running through it (all friends) until our venue got taken one day and we all got prickles. This is not a very talked about subject. NOT AT ALL.


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