I am thinking of making a blog with the word Kapow! in it.

1. Kapow!.com

2: Kapow!.net


4. Kapow.org

Well? which one should it be?

I have a header loaded and at the ready, and it is….. explosive. (geddit? explosive? Kapow!)

My first option is to change my blog’s name to Kapow!

My second option is to make a new blog from scratch.


Kapow is going to appeal to an older audience, and so I would be able to express my feelings in a less restrained way. I mean, if Kapow is going to be online, Kapow would have the word  “pubes”. But I do not want to post in this manner all the time, my own personality has a rule that says: DON’T BLOG ABOUT NAUGHTY THINGS.


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