Hi! My name is Russell Kapowski!

This post is about many things, and not one is about Russell Kapowski. I just said it for the sake of saying “Hi! I’m Russell! Russell Kapowski! I’m thinking of changing my not-so-evil name EvilNitsuj to RUSSELL KAPOWSKI!

First, I got a rad wicked awesome great nice  shirt that says, “Let’s have a Pizza Party!”


Second, Oprah has arrived in Sydney! My little brother calls her “Opera” as in those wavering- voice -or -something singers. At first I didn’t know WHO was Oprah, but I watched the Sound Of Music Reunion, and today, you couldn’t change a channel without seeing her face. Unfortunately, I couldn’t, and didn’t go because I live somewhere other than Sydney, or New south Wales. I live a whole state apart from the Opera House. Apparently they actually made a light up “O” to symbolize Oprah.

Guess What? THEY DID.

Well, I am thinking of making a Facebook!  I look forward to seeing you as Justin Queshon-marke! (or something like that)


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