My list of must- have PDN plugins

Wait. I only have one cool application, Paint.Net, and that isn’t as cool as photoshop or PaintShop Pro.

Alright, I will rename this post.

My list of must-have pdn plugins.

1. The Fire Plugin: ( This is EPIC. Install it in the Effects folder.


Boom. My second most favorite word next to Kapow.








2: The Pyrochild Plugin pack. (install in Effects.)

All you ever wanted. It has the smudge tool. THE FREAKIN’ SMUDGE TOOL!

3.  Icon and Cursors: (install in Filetypes) I made a Dunce hat cursor with this.

4. Custom Brushes. Does what it says. Gives you different brushes. (install in effects.)

5. BoltBait’s plugin pack. (Install into effects) It’s a bit of a backup with Pyrochild. I recommend installing both.


Install Paint.Net at It’s not as versatile as Photoshop, but it is FREE!

How to install PDN plugins:


These are the folders you install it in,







I made a new folder, Plugins. If it is a winzip file , put it in the plugins and extract it into either filetypes (I think those are for extra extensions like .ico and .cur) 90% of the time it is in Effects. You can delete them by going to the folder (effects filetypes) and deleting them. (they are .dll) You should know how to extract a winzip file. If you don’t, look at this:




One Comment on “My list of must- have PDN plugins”

  1. Sarah Lam says:

    The fire plugin doesn’t work on my laptop.

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