Techno Geek comes to town!

Techno Geek posting

Hello, I am Techno Geek. I am posting on Evil Nitsuj’s blog while he is away on his holiday to China (But that is about a month away). I am one of Evil Nitsuj’s closest friends so he picked me to post on his blog while he is away. He also asked another of his friends, Long Legs to post but he said

Thomas is quite evil and unfriendly, you know.

So, that just leaves me. Once Evil Nitsuj goes to China, I’m going to change the Gravatar, too!

Also, instead of having one post every time I get onto WordPress, I will have one post per topic. But if you don’t like it, feel free to comment.


One Comment on “Techno Geek comes to town!”

  1. Long Legs says:

    To Technogeek…
    SHUT UP!
    (the previous messages wer idioms (if you don’t what an idiom is than you’re an idiom)(YAY!!!)(Not)))

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