Tiny Cars

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While I was on the road in Malaysia, I noticed that there were a lot of tiny cars. And if you see a tiny car on the road, you would expect to only have a couple of people in it, or maybe four tiny people.

But these cars had neither of these. They had about 8-10 people squashed up in them!

And now you are thinking, “How are they supposed to fit 10 seats at the back of the car?”

The answer is simple: They don’t. There are probably only two seats at the back of the car, but the Malaysians’ laws aren’t enforced very well, so they weren’t using seatbelts.

But who are they?

They are probably illegal immigrants from Indonesia. Malaysia looks bad, but Indonesia is appalling! My neighbour said that he had been to Malaysia and Indonesia, and compared with Indonesia, Malaysia is awesome.

We had to pass through some checkpoints to search for illegal immigrants. Their checking algorithm was dreadful! All they did was look at your faces. No ID check or anything! All they do is look at your face, your car, and see how many people you have. If you have a tiny car, with ten people squashed up in it and looking like they could eat KFC for a month and not get fat, they’ll pull you over to the side of the road and arrest you. If you don’t,  they’ll let you go!

Tiny Car

The camera angle was not very good, so you can't see them. Just imagine 10 people squashed up in that car.


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