Since the beginning of time, me and my sister have been at each other’s throats.

However, she did save me from both electrocution and drowning, so I must thank her for that.

Last night, we had another of our whispering matches. (dramatized)

Sonia (whispering) Justin…. JUSTIN…. Can you hear me?…

Justin: Yes, douche-bag.

Sonia: Justin Beaver.

Justin. Sonia Mega-reatardo.

Sonia: MEH!

Justin: *snufflesnork*

Sonia: eeedioot.

Justin: Bitumen.

Sonia “donkey*” hole.

Justin: YOU FUM-BUM!

Mum: What is going on up there?


In other forms of revenge, this guy on Facebook  (Jonh Roy)keeps attacking my backyard in Backyard monsters. I sent him a message, which was saying that if  he/she keeps attacking me, I will bring deadly hell and other stuff to him. And then I killed him.


* You know what that means.


2 Comments on “Grrrr.”

  1. Sarah Lam says:

    How did she save you from electrocution and drowning?

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