My list of must- have PDN plugins

Wait. I only have one cool application, Paint.Net, and that isn’t as cool as photoshop or PaintShop Pro.

Alright, I will rename this post.

My list of must-have pdn plugins.

1. The Fire Plugin: ( This is EPIC. Install it in the Effects folder.


Boom. My second most favorite word next to Kapow.








2: The Pyrochild Plugin pack. (install in Effects.)

All you ever wanted. It has the smudge tool. THE FREAKIN’ SMUDGE TOOL!

3.  Icon and Cursors: (install in Filetypes) I made a Dunce hat cursor with this.

4. Custom Brushes. Does what it says. Gives you different brushes. (install in effects.)

5. BoltBait’s plugin pack. (Install into effects) It’s a bit of a backup with Pyrochild. I recommend installing both.


Install Paint.Net at It’s not as versatile as Photoshop, but it is FREE!

How to install PDN plugins:


These are the folders you install it in,







I made a new folder, Plugins. If it is a winzip file , put it in the plugins and extract it into either filetypes (I think those are for extra extensions like .ico and .cur) 90% of the time it is in Effects. You can delete them by going to the folder (effects filetypes) and deleting them. (they are .dll) You should know how to extract a winzip file. If you don’t, look at this:




Me and Malaysia

Techno Geek posting

I am currently posting in Malaysia, with a really slow


dongle. I guess I’m just spoilt.

Anyway, Malaysia was not how I expected. My mum  used to live there, but she hasn’t been back for 30 years. When she spoke of how Malaysia was like when she was younger, she spoke of an undeveloped country. But it has been 30 years and with technology moving so fast, who knows what might have happened?

Also, in the tourism ads, they all had pictures like this:

Nice Malaysia

It looks so nice!

Bad Malaysia

But, in reality it looked like this. All right, I did edit it, but it just looks more epic that way, okay?





















I was quite disappointed. But I still had lots of fun.

I am coming back in a few more days.

Techno Geek comes to town!

Techno Geek posting

Hello, I am Techno Geek. I am posting on Evil Nitsuj’s blog while he is away on his holiday to China (But that is about a month away). I am one of Evil Nitsuj’s closest friends so he picked me to post on his blog while he is away. He also asked another of his friends, Long Legs to post but he said

Thomas is quite evil and unfriendly, you know.

So, that just leaves me. Once Evil Nitsuj goes to China, I’m going to change the Gravatar, too!

Also, instead of having one post every time I get onto WordPress, I will have one post per topic. But if you don’t like it, feel free to comment.

My Master…. it is done. POKEYS ATTACK!

I have finished making a Facebook account, and I did it just to play Backyard Monsters. It is a pretty cool game, so all of you who have Facebooks, please give me your email so I can go and invite you. my email is so I can invite you. GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL so I  tell you when I want you to do it. The reason why I want to do this is so I can get more shineys.


As you can see, I suck baubles at this game.

This happened because I didn’t know that you could harvest stuff overnight.



Epicness… has just arrived

Cryptids island has now arrived to Poptropica…. BUT FOR (trailer)


These are what the Cryptids look like. (image courtesy to poptropicasecrets)

Poptropica Cryptids Chupacabra



Jersey Devil

in Poptropica

Loch Ness Monster

Rescuing Bigfoot in Poptropica

The yeti, who is also known as bigfoot, but I thought the yeti is white>

They need to get the design for Jersey Devil and Yeti right. AND THIS IS THE BAD GUY. (or should I say girl?


Gretchen Grimlock. She must be related to Betty Jetty.






Look, is your “publish button THIS BIG?

This is 100% real, I didn't edit the picture. I just pasted it on Paint Dot Net and saved it. AUTHENTIC, MAN!

Well ANYway, Yesterday I watched Carols in the domain, and for those of you the did not watch it, it is in Sydney and it was EPIC. My mum loved Mark Vincent, who says he’s “cute” (My dad was more surly than ever that time) My favorite act was Josh Groban, who sung “The Bells of New York City, another song, and of course, You Raise Me Up. You Raise Me Up was epic, as he had a choir singing behind him. So, I will end on a high note (geddit? High Note? Josh Groban? SINGING?) and say this:






Get your car into the Christmas spirit with… THIS!

Today I saw a very peculiar thing, cars dressed as reindeer.  The first time, I saw a Toyota Corolla Ascent, the same model as my mother’s, sporting these


I got this off the internet, the first time, the Corolla, was driving past, and my mother was going the other way. The second time, I was on a Vacation Care Excursion and I didn't bring a camera.

These thingy-majigs, are getting popular. Oh yes, NEXT SATURDAY IS CHRISTMAS!