Spiffy Cars

Hello, right now i’m in China, and this is the first time I’m able to post. (I’m posting from my cousin’s Apple laptop. THE KEYS ARE MADE OF RUBBER!) When I was in Guangzhou last week, I saw a LOT of exotic cars. Like  a Lamborghini Murcielargo. And three Porches. I mean, in Australia, we get no spiffy cars! NONE!



Since the beginning of time, me and my sister have been at each other’s throats.

However, she did save me from both electrocution and drowning, so I must thank her for that.

Last night, we had another of our whispering matches. (dramatized)

Sonia (whispering) Justin…. JUSTIN…. Can you hear me?…

Justin: Yes, douche-bag.

Sonia: Justin Beaver.

Justin. Sonia Mega-reatardo.

Sonia: MEH!

Justin: *snufflesnork*

Sonia: eeedioot.

Justin: Bitumen.

Sonia “donkey*” hole.

Justin: YOU FUM-BUM!

Mum: What is going on up there?


In other forms of revenge, this guy on Facebook  (Jonh Roy)keeps attacking my backyard in Backyard monsters. I sent him a message, which was saying that if  he/she keeps attacking me, I will bring deadly hell and other stuff to him. And then I killed him.


* You know what that means.

1000 hits is in sight!

One day, I was groveling and grumbling, because I couldn’t defeat the Pokemon Elite 4, due to Karen’s Houndoom killing every within sight. So, I just had to train my Pokemon in Victory Road. So after several days of killing Gravelers, Onix, Golbats, Rhyhorns and Donphans, I found a SPECIAL DONPHAN. A shiny one!

Wha' a 'Beaut!

Not REALLY a “Beaut”. It’s a shade of green, and looks like puke.

Well ANYWAY, my Pokemon were ten levels more than Donphan, (average lv 44) and so I tried to not damage it in the slightest. It almost killed my Gyarados, and I ended up catching it in a Nest ball.

In other news, this blog is almost up to 1000 hits! Whoopdeedoo! Ho ho ho! Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha! Woohoo!



Look at these pictures!

Today I was on my computer and I was just Googling random stuff, when I came across these cool pictures of what artists have done on the pavement.