1000 hits is in sight!

One day, I was groveling and grumbling, because I couldn’t defeat the Pokemon Elite 4, due to Karen’s Houndoom killing every within sight. So, I just had to train my Pokemon in Victory Road. So after several days of killing Gravelers, Onix, Golbats, Rhyhorns and Donphans, I found a SPECIAL DONPHAN. A shiny one!

Wha' a 'Beaut!

Not REALLY a “Beaut”. It’s a shade of green, and looks like puke.

Well ANYWAY, my Pokemon were ten levels more than Donphan, (average lv 44) and so I tried to not damage it in the slightest. It almost killed my Gyarados, and I ended up catching it in a Nest ball.

In other news, this blog is almost up to 1000 hits! Whoopdeedoo! Ho ho ho! Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha! Woohoo!




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